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Daycare Menus, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas>One Bite Appetizers for a Party/Open House
LysesKids 12:48 PM 08-11-2017
Chicken & waffle bites https:/
Soup shooters... I bought some disposable 2 oz shooter cups & filled them with 1.5 oz of Thai sweet potato soup and cream of broccoli soup
Phyllo poppers (cream cheese & pepper jelly) spicy-phyllo-poppers
Will add more on a later post... FYI, I used frozen chicken poppers instead of the cheat of Chick fillet for chicken & waffle bites lol
Rockgirl 01:11 PM 08-11-2017
Thank you! We host quite a few patio parties, and I am always looking for new appetizer ideas!
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