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care-care 12:49 PM 11-08-2010
Whne applying for your lisence it asked what hours you want to be opened. What did you put and do you waiver on the times now? Say when u first sent in the form you stated 6-6 but now you dont want to be open at 6 am but 730 am and stay open one night til 9 pm. How do you go about this ? do you just only offer the 730 am to dcp and then call the state to change the close time on certain days to 9 pm?
juliebug 07:38 PM 11-08-2010
i am open 24 hours in my licence only becasue sometimes i will watch kids overnight but super rarely.

my real hours are 7am-5:30pm

i would call your licencer and ask them about changeing it. here i know you can get in trouble for watching kids outside of your licenced hours !
misol 08:50 PM 11-08-2010
I am glad you asked this question because I was wondering about this too. I am registered with my state for 7:30-6 but I am considering changing my "licensed" hours from 6a-6p. I get a lot of calls from teachers and have been turning them away since they want care outside of my licensed hours. I don't want to be open that early but I would do it for the "right" family.

To make things simple I would love to just put 24 hours on my license but then that would leave me subject to inspection every minute of every single day No way am I going for that!!!

I offered overnight care for New Years Eve last year. I called my licensor to ask her what to do and she just said for very rare occasions such as this where I am open outside of my licensed hours that I just need to call her or send her an email letting her know. So, I would do as pp suggested and ask your licensor what you should do.
tenderhearts 09:04 PM 11-08-2010
I have no idea, I don't remember that quesiton for my state.
boysx5 07:47 AM 11-09-2010
I don't remember having to post my hours either
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