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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Many Total Kids And Ages Do You Have?
MommyMuffin 05:39 AM 01-11-2011
I have been looking for older posts on this topic and I know there are some great ones...can anyone find them..or maybe a mod knows?
Little People 05:53 AM 01-11-2011
I have:
3 year old girl..Full Time 8:30 - 3:30
18 months girl...Full Time 8:30 - 3:30
22 months girl...Full Time 8:15 - 5:45
5 year old girl...After School 3:15 - 5:45

I have 1 opening left for a full time child. At the moment we have a all girl daycare
AnythingsPossible 05:54 AM 01-11-2011
2- 8 month olds
1-2 month old Part time; swap's spots with the 2-8 month olds. One 8 month old is m,t,w,th the other is m,w,th,fr the 2 month old comes t,fr!
1- 2 year old
2- 3 year olds
4- 4 year olds
1- 5 year old
1- 6 year old
1- 8 year old

I have don't really have any kids right now that are strictly full time, meaning 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. I have kids that are here 5 days a week, but their hours vary, and I have kids that are here 8 hours a day for 2 or 3 days a week. It is a very crazy schedule, but I haven't gotten phone calls for full time kids in a very long time. Seems everyone has weird work schedules.
daysofelijah 06:04 AM 01-11-2011
My kids are homeschooled so here all day:

DS1, 7.5 years
DS2, 6 years
DD, 3 years


Dcb, 3.5 & dcg, 10 m. (M,Th, 6:30-5:15, F, 6:30-3:15)
Dcb, 4 & Dcb 2.5 (3-4 days, vary, 7ish-5:15)
Dcg, 22 m. (MW 6:30-5 & TTh 6:30-3, some F, 6:30-1)

I am thinking about letting one of the families go, but if I can make it to summer, the middle family wants the summer off so I'll see what happens then.
BentleysBands 06:07 AM 01-11-2011
Siblings: dcb 21 months dcg 3 going on 30. Full-time
Siblings: dcbs 2 & 3 full-time
Dcb 2 full-time
Dcg 6 months part time thankgoodness...Shes a screamer
Dcb 5 part time
Cat Herder 06:11 AM 01-11-2011
Two 11 month olds
One 1 year old
Two 2 year olds

All happy, bustling boys. Such a fun crew My last group was all "girly" girls, so this is going to be a fun summer!
DanceMom 06:11 AM 01-11-2011
I have :

My own daughter - turns 5 in Feb
My own son - turns 3 in Feb

DCG - turns 4 in March
DCG - 4 yrs
DCG - 3 yrs
DCG - 2 yrs
DCB - 16 months
DCB - 3 months
DCG - 8 yrs
SilverSabre25 06:15 AM 01-11-2011
I have:
My own DD3
dcg 23 mos
dcb 20 mos
dcg 14 mos
dcg 14 mos

They are not all here the same days of the week or times of the day. I have kids with really weird schedules and I only have all six present for two hours two days a week.
sahm2three 06:42 AM 01-11-2011
I have:

1 - 9 month oldboy
2 - 16 to 20 mo dcb's
2 - 2 age range dcb's
1 - 4 year old dcg
1 - 6 year old dcb (only before and after school)

Then I have some fairly regular drop ins:

1 - 15 mo dcb (disabled, CF and congestive lung disease)
1 - 3 yo dcb
1 - 6 yo dcg

I also have a newborn dcg starting on the 7th of Feb. And another newborn who will start end of summer.

Forgot to add that I have my own children as well. I have a 11 year old, a 9 year old and a 4 year old. Four year old is figured in my ratio.
ammama 06:47 AM 01-11-2011
my own 2 yr old and school aged child
dcb4 and dcb 3 share a space, so never on the same day
Never more than 6 kids at a time.
E Daycare 07:03 AM 01-11-2011
I have my own ds who just turned 18 mo
Dcb who is 18 mo and is here full day Mon, Wed and Fri (and if its bad weather days)from 7:30a to 4:30p
Dcg who is almost a year but developmentally about 7 months and shes [usually] full time from 7am to 5:15 am mon-fri but who really knows when she will be here what day and when she will leave.

I have a ad out for a another possible part timer or full timer as come summer the other 18 mo old I watch will be on summer vacation with his mom (shes a teacher). Ive interviewed a pregnant couple in hopes their baby will take the place of the 18mo old. We'll see.
Danielle 07:04 AM 01-11-2011
I have:
DS 3yr
DD 21m

DCG 4yr full time random days like today
DCB 7m Tue and Thurs afternoons
DCB 21m Every other month (when dad has him)
DCB 4yr full time starts later this month
Keri'sKids 07:06 AM 01-11-2011
1 3 mo
2 11 mo
1 2 yrs
2 3 yrs
1 4 yr
2 5 yr
1 6 yr
1 7 yr

1 3 yr old & 1 6 yr old sharing 1 spot

DROP INS for when someone doesn't show (these are also waiting for a spot to open)
1 18 mos
2 3 yr olds
1 5 yr
2 6 yrs

I have wonderful help every day from 2 young 20 something yr olds

I also have two ladies ready to help out when ever I have the need.

My kids are grown, married and have kids of their own, 2 of which are drop ins and one used to be F/T.
alyssyn 07:08 AM 01-11-2011
I have dkg5 and a 10 mo. old in care.
DCMom 07:13 AM 01-11-2011
1 FT 3mos
1 FT 13mos
1 FT 18mos
1 PT 22mos (M,Th,F)
1 FT 2yo
1 PT 3yo (T,W,Th)
1 FT 3yo
1 PT 4yo (M,Th,F)
1 FT 5yo
1 SA 9yo (Before, after school)

10 kids from 5 families; the 13 month old has a sister due in March so she will be #11
legomom922 07:18 AM 01-11-2011
I'm down to one, DCG 2.5 Tues/Wed 630-6..I'm now almost completely stress free!
Blackcat31 07:30 AM 01-11-2011
I have: (ALL my kids come 3-5 days per week. All are here by 8:30 and are picked up from 2:30 on until I close at 5:30)

2- 11 month old boys (1 is M-F; 1 is M,W,F)
1- 2 year old girl (M-F)
1- 2 year old boy (T-F)
2- 3 year old boys (Both are M-F)
2- 3 year old girls (1 is M-F;1 is M,W,R)
1- 4 year old girl (M-F)
1- 5 year old boy (M-F)

2 Kindergarten boys (1 is M-F;1 is M-R)
1 Kindergarten girl (M-F)
1 8 yr old boy (sibling to 2 others) (M-R minus hockey practice days)

1 "child-like" DH (during lunch and nap time only)
momofboys 07:39 AM 01-11-2011
I have my own kids who are all boys and are:

9 (in school all day)
7 (in school all day)
3 (at home with me)

& my DCF consists of:

DCB (3) - here M-F
DCG (6) - in school all day, here B & A school

I am hoping to add another family soon. I've had a couple of interviews lately but so far noone signing up but I am not giving up hope!
jen 08:39 AM 01-11-2011
dd: 2nd grade
dcb: Kindergarten (2 full days, 3 half days)
dcb, 3: full time
dcg, infant: full time
dcg, 3.5: full time 8am to 4pm
dcg, 2: full time 8 to 5
dcb, 2: 4 days a week
dcg, 2.5: 3 days per week
dcg, infant: 3 days per week

In the summer I have one more schoolager, he's a sibling to the 3.5 yo.

I'm open from 6:30 to 5:30 but lately it has been more like 8 to 5! I also have 11 and 16 yo sons, but they don't count in my numbers.
Greenshadow 08:50 AM 01-11-2011
I have three boys of my own: 14, 9 and 3. Only the 3 yr old is home with me all day.

Daycare Kids:
2-Two year olds (6:45am-5pm & 8am-3:30pm M-F))
1-One year old (6:30am-5pm, M-F.)
1-4 month old (6:45am-5pm, sibling to one of the 2 yr olds)

I have ALL BOYS. Thats all I want to have at this time and all Im legally allowed to have without a license. I have no plans on taking in anymore.
SandeeAR 02:10 PM 01-11-2011
2.5 y/o dcg m, t, fri one week, m & tue next week **
1 y/o dgb m, t fri one week, t & w next week
9 mo dcg m-th
5 mo dcb m, t, fri one week, m & tue next week**

nikia 02:57 PM 01-11-2011
I have

2 yr dcg 7-5:30

2 yr dcg 8-5:30

1 yr dcb 8-2:45

2 yr dcb 5:30-2:45

1 yr old dcb 5:30-2:45

2 yr dcg 8-2:45

4 yr dcg 12-4
WImom 03:39 PM 01-11-2011
2 DD's (2nd grade, K5) before and after school
DCG (2y) 7:00am-4:15pm M-TH
DCG (3y) 9:00am-3:00pm M-F
DCB (2y) 9:00am-3:00pm M-F
DCG part time (3y) - 10:00-4:30pm (Tu) and 10-3:30pm (Th)

I have two spots open either part or full time.
kendallina 05:40 PM 01-11-2011
My own daughter- 2 yrs old

MW mornings:
4 kids (2.5 - 3.5 yrs old)

TTH mornings:
4 kids (all 3 yrs old)

F mornings:
1 2-yr old

M-TH is preschool, just 3 hours. Friday mornings I'm just helping a friend out for the next couple of months.
newtodaycare22 06:29 PM 01-11-2011
I have...

Full time, Monday-Friday: one 3 year old boy, two 3 year old girls, and one 3 year old girl

Part Time, 1-3 days: one 3 year old girl and one 4 year old girl

I am in major girl overload

I have 4-6 total kids, depending on the day.
juliebug 06:32 PM 01-11-2011
dcg 3yrs -full time m-f
dcb 18m full time m-f
dcb 3 thurs only
dcg 5 thus only
Preschool/daycare teacher 08:18 PM 01-11-2011
We have:
4 - 2 1/2 yr olds (2 of them are almost 3)
2 - 3 year olds
3 - 4 yr olds
3 - 5 year olds

we also have 3 drop-ins (1-10 month old, 1 - 3 year old, 1 - 4 year old)
plus in the summer and during school breaks we have one school ager and owner has 3 school age children everyday before/after school, and any other time they aren't in school.

Only 6 of the children are full time. The rest are 2-3 days per week or half days. Some days we have them all, other days we have so few that two adults aren't even needed. We're licensed for 16, but just needing some more calls that aren't coming... we have hardly anyone during the summer or school breaks
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