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Old 05-15-2014, 02:35 PM
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Default Ever Get Mad At Your Employees?

I have one girl that I would like to fire today if possible, but I won't have anyone to replace her until school gets out mid-June. She's got another PT job that has taken over her schedule and she's rarely available when I need her. She shows up late with excuses and never calls ahead to let us know. She has a bad attitude and I wish we never hired her but we were desperate at the time. I hate having to be a "boss" but I really feel like writing her up right now for insubordination or something. Do you always get along with your employees? Do you put up with them just because you need the help?
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Old 05-15-2014, 02:58 PM
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yes and I know how uncomfortable it makes it for US being the boss because we work so closely together. I just wrote up one of my employees on tuesday.

he is awesome. shows up on time every day, never late not one time in a year. Has never called of sick. BUT my issue is that he does not work well when he gets here. He goes through spurts of just sitting around until he is told what to do. I can't stand telling people to do the obvious.

We had a staff meeting to talk about some important stuff, he sat on the floor doing weird stuff to his feet and nails, no eye contact and just being weird. Yes he is young, but I don't care, act professional when you are at work.

I wrote him up for poor job proformance... I also told him that his review for a raise is around the corner and there is NO way I will give it to him if I don't see him step it up....It's hard for me sometimes to grow a backbone with them because we are all working so closely together and I want to keep the drama low.

I could be a total hard a$$ and drive the mallet to the floor, but I have never had any turn over in employees and despite the lack of working harder I could not ask for more reliable workers.

It sounds like in your case the not showing up time and having an attitude is a huge issue, I know it would be for me. 3 times you show up late you are out of here at my place.....
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Old 05-15-2014, 03:38 PM
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I used to work in HR and one thing I learned quickly is to always have applications coming in. Always have prospects. I would most definitely start advertising to replace her... if she sees the advertisements just tell her you're hiring, but don't tell her why. It's none of her business, honestly. IMO, there is almost always someone out there that is better and stronger who will do the job better and you want their application and resume tucked away in case you need them. I know applicants won't always be looking for jobs down the line, but it's just so nice to have people to call and see if they are available to interview. You never know when the time will come when you need to fire someone or when someone randomly quits.

As for your current employee... write her up for every. single. infraction. When it comes time to finally fire her you want lots of documentation to prove she refused to do her job as expected so she can't go and collect unemployment.

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employee issues

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