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Old 05-26-2017, 10:41 AM
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Thumbs down Is The Daycare I Work At Sketchy?

I am a little upset at my work situation currently.. I am working in a daycare and it is good with the occasional slip up here and there. I come in at 1 o'clock, and the kids are still sleeping for 30 more minutes, and we go to have snack at 2. This is a good schedule, only I'm watching 14-16 kids, changing them, cleaning up, getting shoes on, all in 30 min. These kids are 2 year olds, all the way to kids who still have a bottle to go to sleep and stumble when they walk. Theres a kid in there who isn't even one years old yet. It has been a challenge, because in my opinion this is entirely too many kids, and the older kids are way too rambunctious for the babies. Today a little girl bit one of the babies on the foot, and guess who got the heat for it and was told that it was not okay and that I should pay more attention? Me. 15 children I was watching today, and get changed all in a timely manner, and I missed the bite on the foot. Of course i MISSED IT! In my opinion it is just unsafe to have that many children in such a tiny space, all going crazy after nap time. Last week, I had a kid get a nose bleed, and I panicked because I wasn't sure what happened, and yelled down the hall for the owner, (he was with a mom who was wanting to enroll her child there) and I was told that they're was company there and basically that it was inconvienent timing. I am very loving with the children, we read books, do puzzles, dance, sing, I try to do more then just stick them in a center while they cry for 30 min about it. And I still get ragged on constantly. While I had another teacher last week with me in the baby room, constantly saying the "f" word every other word, cursing, just not acceptable behavior to me, but I get in trouble for silly things like having my phone in my back pocket. This same teacher also never burps the babies after they have their bottle, and one day I took it upon my self to burp a baby who looked like she was choking, and she vomitted everywhere. It made me so sad to see her like that. It is just hard leaving work everyday feeling incompetent, and like you can't ever do anything right. I try to be the best teacher I can for these kids, and even like it so much that I would love to teach 2nd or 3rd grade when I finish school! Is this normal for a daycare? Or am I being too dramatic? Any insight on this would be great!
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