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vanillasky 12:52 PM 02-09-2018
hello everyone,

I'm new and find this forum very helpful but couldn't find the similar question I'm trying to work on. I'm looking to start my daycare business but I haven't decided between center and family daycare. What are cons and pros if you can please share from your own experience. Also, I don't own a house that will allow me to run this business I will still have to rent a house to start a Family Daycare.
thank you very much in advance for your answers.
TooManyKitties 01:39 PM 02-09-2018
What state are you in? Some states, like California, require you to live in the home if youíre doing fcc (family child care). Also, in California you donít have to be a homeowner to do daycare. By law landlords canít prohibit you from having one, you just have to notify them.
vanillasky 01:48 PM 02-09-2018
I forgot to mention, I'm in New York.
Mike 05:57 PM 02-09-2018
Have you seen this page?
It won't give you the pros and cons of which type, but has some information that may help with your choice.
Michael 03:17 PM 02-11-2018
Here are more threads for family daycare verses center daycare:
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