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Hunni Bee 12:09 PM 03-19-2018
A fun new Monday treat.

My newest dcb is 5.5, just missed the kindergarten cutoff. He is here about 3 days a week, his mom still has him in his "old" daycare the other 2 days because they want him to "graduate" from there. I don't agree with that because its hard for him not to mix up rules, routines, etc. But I don't have any control over that.

He's a big boy, but an extremely picky eater. He refuses about 90% of the food we serve. His other school is a morning program so he's never had to eat school lunch. He once told me that he always has Pringles waiting in the car for him.

I don't fight him about eating. We keep fresh fruit available so he mostly survives off apples and milk. Fine with me.

Before we eat a meal/snack, we always sing a little song to calm us before eating and to make sure no one starts eating before everyone's ready. Today he's had a slobbering, sobbing meltdown at both am snack and lunch because he "just doesn't feel like doing it". I've told him he doesn't have to sing, but he has to wait quietly with his hands off his food til the rest of us are done singing. He did not agree.

What would you do? I'm not willing to let him start eating while the rest are singing, but I'm over the tears about it. What would you do?
storybookending 12:19 PM 03-19-2018
Make him wait. Give him his food last if that is what it takes. Actively ignore the crying. Maybe he is just tired today from a busy weekend.
racemom 12:33 PM 03-19-2018
I would remove him from the table, and let him know he may rejoin the group when he is ready to sit nicely.
daycarediva 09:29 AM 03-20-2018
Can I ask what your song is?? We just do open shut them, open shut them, give a little clap clap clap, open shut them open shut them, put them in your lap lap lap before we start letting them serve.

Otherwise kid #1 is done with everything before we get to kid #12,

I would prep him before hand. I would NOT bend rules though, this is what we do.

He probably has never sat for a meal in his life.
Hunni Bee 11:19 AM 03-20-2018
Its that one, and a few other ones that were just passed down from teacher to teacher. They're so specific and made up that I might blow my cover lol. Ill DM you if you want.

I was just super "oh Well" about it - not ready to sing, not ready to eat - and we haven't had another word about it.

Thanks guys.
flying_babyb 05:53 PM 03-20-2018
stick to your guns! I have this child, mine has a sensory disorder though, but he rarely eats. two weeks of crying and acting out while we ate. Now he will wimper and sit down nice most of the time. he learned that he dosent have to sing, but does need to stay till one other friend is excused (we go from lunch to our nap mats all in the same room, ive got 12 2's with a assistant most days) we sing:
we are thankful for the food we eat
we are thankful for the friends we eat
we are thankful for the morning sun
the trees the birds and everyone
YOU may..............EAT!

if they cant wait with there hands off there plate I take there plate away til after we sing
Unregistered 07:59 PM 03-20-2018
Thank-you for the FRIENDS we eat!!! hahahahah
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