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SunflowerMama 10:34 AM 08-08-2012
I have a group of 7-9 month olds and parents send pureed and jarred food. I'm debating if I should just tell the parents they no longer need to send the baby food.

All the babies have a couple of teeth and do great with diced foods (tomatoes, avocados, fruit, meat, veggies, cheese, beans and rice, etc.) and they eat a good amount at each meal.

I usually have the pureed food as a supplement but typically they aren't even hungry after eating the regular table food.

Would you just tell the parents nevermind on the pureed baby food and we'll just go with 100% whole food...obviously diced and cut into safe portions?
SilverSabre25 10:38 AM 08-08-2012
Heh, as early as I can get away with it! I hate spoon-feeding babies and give 'em finger foods as soon as possible. My DS HATED purees--he would tolerate fruits but refused all veggies in puree form. He moved to all table food by, I don't know...9/10 months (he's 14 months now). DCB is almost 1 and he has been on all table food for about a month because the parents just decided to stop buying baby food... no mention of "he's ready to self feed" just, "we're not buying baby food anymore." He does all right though.
EchoMom 12:06 PM 08-08-2012
I made pureed foods for DS for about 2 weeks and that was it. It was totally unnecessary! I'm more into giving jumbo sized foods for them to hold and suck on, and giving small bite size pieces too. My DS was eating "real" foods around 7 months. However, DCB is 11 months and still eats both finger foods and jarred food. DCG is almost 8 months and still has all purees and melt in your mouth type prepackaged finger foods.
Heidi 12:23 PM 08-08-2012
Like a PP said, as soon as I can get away with it. I don't get any wow out of spoon feeding, either. I'd rather clean up the mess afterwards.

DCB is 9 months old now. When he started in June, mom started out bringing my all sort of jars of food (even though I said I am on the food program, and would provide food), and teething biscuits with this wierd non-choking net contraption. Eventually, I convinced her that I really do provide ALL the food he needs.

I fed him for a few weeks, making the vegies thicker with baby cereal so that he could get used to something heavier in his mouth. Then, I started to switch him over to table foods. Now, the only time he gets anything fed to him, it's because we are having something he just cant quite manage yet; to make sure he has all the components of the food program.
Crazy8 12:37 PM 08-08-2012
considering the AAP recommends starting baby foods at about 6 months old I hardly think they are ready to give them up at 7 months old, no???? Maybe they started earlier but still I follow the one food at a time for 3-5 days before introducing another so I was never done with pureed foods by 7-9 months. Not to say I wasn't introducing SOME other things at that time, but they were still eating cereal/pureed foods at that time too.
itlw8 01:04 PM 08-08-2012
As soon as they are ready. YOU HAVE TO continue the infant cereal until 12 months. I do wish they would make s cheerio type cereal that counted though.

As far as trying new foods. nothing says they have to be pureed. Anytime I introduce a new food even to an older child I only do one new thing. Too many allergies in our family created that habit.

Teeth have nothing to do with it either. It depends on if they chew well.
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