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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Feeding Baby Food At 18 Mos?
hgonzalez 03:20 PM 03-05-2013

I have an 18 month old here who does not eat very well. She is perfectly capable of eating cut up food, as she eats crackers, dry cereal etc with NO problem.

Her parents are still feeding her pureed food at home. They feed her pureed chicken and apples every night as well as baby food fruit.

I don't get it! They are turning her into a very picky eater. I have talked to them about it in a roundabout way, and they are still doing it. She drinks milk out of a cup here too.....and they still insist on giving her bottles at home.

Any suggestions?
3amazingkiddos 03:45 PM 03-05-2013
During an interview once for a 2.5 year old the parents told me that he still ate stage 3 baby food They told me he ate bites of their food and drank from a cup, but he preferred the baby food. I told them nutritionally he needed more than that and that I would not give it to him. I ended up accepting him and I have never had a problem with the child eating table food. Of course these same parents said he wouldn't eat without the tv on either and we never watch tv during meals. Not once have I had a problem. Sometimes parents need to be reminded that their babies aren't babies anymore and that it is okay to actually tell their children NO when they demand something.
LK5kids 05:48 PM 03-05-2013
Oh experience has always been infants start dropping baby food as soon as they realize there is table food out 9-10 months even!
BumbleBee 05:59 PM 03-05-2013
Had a 3 yo who ate stage 2 baby food only.

Mom even got a Dr. Note saying it was okay.

Glad I don't work at that place anymore.
cheerfuldom 08:21 PM 03-05-2013
I would provide handouts regarding toddler/preschooler healthy eating habits and milestones. Then I would let mom know that I do not spoon feed or offer purees to 18 month olds, period. Its easier if you provide all the food at daycare but if they must send in their own food, I would (and do) give guidelines. The main idea being that food must all be ready to eat and their child must be able to handle food independently. If they want to send some pudding like option or applesauce or yogurt, I am fine with that as long as child can spoon feed themselves. You can also approach it by discussing that children are encourage to master skills that build confidence and independence.
countrymom 06:57 AM 03-06-2013
unfortunatley the child will be the worst eater ever and not eat anything but junk, I'm dealing with this now so I know the effects down the road.
itlw8 07:02 AM 03-06-2013
I had a boy with sensory problems and I had to mix baby food with his food so it would slide down better. funny even at 12 months a goal was to get him on table foods. That first banana and cookie was a HUGE deal I took pictures. The OREO was what finally worked. His therapist was very pleased.

I do not understand some parents.
bunnyslippers 07:07 AM 03-06-2013
I have a 2 year old here one day a week. Her mom sends a jar of that nasty chicken noodle baby food every time she comes. I never even take it out of the bag.
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