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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Daycare Startup in Austin, TX?
valley25 04:06 AM 01-07-2014
Hello everyone! My name is Holly I currently run a very successful & reputable in home childcare business in WI in which I am licensed as well as accredited. However, an opportunity has presented itself to relocate to Austin and in our decision process I am a little torn on trying to start over an entire business I have built from the ground up and operated for the last 7 years in an entirely new state.....I have an established curriculum, invested a ton of money into gear, toys, educational items, restructuring our home to accommodate the daycare as well as just built up a pretty good network of referrals and pretty extensive references as well as I belong to ASCME, the union that encompasses child care providers along with law enforcement, steel workers etc. So I am very hesitant to leave such a sure thing to venture into an entirely new state and chance not having the same opportunities available or the network necessary to grow and receive referrals. I am looking to find out from other providers familiar with Austin if starting up is difficult, does it lend itself to be profitable, are there any unions or organizations dedicated to our profession? Basically would leaving be a detriment to my ability to earn money and support my kids? Really torn here and at a loss.
Michael 05:09 AM 01-07-2014
Welcome to the forum. I've upgraded your status.
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