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earlychildhoodstaff 12:48 PM 05-15-2017
Hello everyone!
My name is Melody. I have been in the childcare industry for 17 years. I have worked in non profit centers, been a kindergarten assistant, licensed home child care owner, and a preschool teacher. One of the challenges that I faced over the years, especially running my own childcare was what to do when I was sick or had appointments. I have decided to start a sub company in Texas and Colorado. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know if any of you think this could work! And if this is not allowed on this board please let me know.
Michael 09:16 PM 05-15-2017
Welcome to the forum!
bklsmum 05:04 AM 05-17-2017
Hi and welcome! I think that could be a GREAT business!
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