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Unregistered 12:55 PM 09-27-2017
Hello - we've had some family employment changes and financially it works out with my spouse staying home with the kids. We gave our notice to our daycare. So bittersweet. Everyone there was great. I feel awful - like going through a bad breakup- but it's just a 'business' decision for our family.

I guess I'm looking for proper closure. I'd like to send a few thank you cards, etc. Is there some sort of formal etiquette for a family leaving?
Cat Herder 12:57 PM 09-27-2017
A simple card on your child's last day would be thoughtful. Anything above that would be considered generous.
DaveA 01:27 PM 09-27-2017
Like CH said- a card and heartfelt "thank you" go a long way. This is a business and as attached as we get to some kiddos, we know families need to do what is best for them. If you feel like you need to do something else go with something like a gift card to a nearby coffee shop (If you know your provider drinks coffee) or a local store or restaurant. If it's a group care setting some treats for the staff like bagels or cookies for the break room would be appreciated.
springv 01:42 PM 09-27-2017
We've all given the child a book that everyone sogned on the child last day. A card would be nice or a simple gift
Denali 02:45 PM 09-27-2017
A heartfelt card or a letter with how happy you've been with your child's care has always been wonderful for me. I've kept every single one that I've been given 😊
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