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Unregistered 12:08 PM 04-04-2011
Hello! I have a 9.5 month old DC baby that I watch. She is VERY loud, from her cry, to her "talking" - it's like she is shouting all the time and she LOVES to make noise. The problem is, she naps in the morning, and not in the afternoon while ALL of my other DCK's are napping. All afternoon, she squeals, and cries, and is noisy, waking up kids. Holding her doesn't work, toys don't work, she just rolls around on the floor, down my hallway, kicks the wall and doors and yells. If I put her in a bouncy seat or any other kind of place where she can't roll around, she cries and yells. HELP!
cheerfuldom 01:05 PM 04-04-2011
She only takes one nap a day? What happens if you start keeping her up later and later to get her on your daycare nap schedule?
Unregistered 01:14 PM 04-04-2011
Yes, one nap. She will sometimes fall asleep about 3:00ish when the others are waking up. I have not really found a successful way to keep her up, she will fall asleep anywhere I put her.. chair, bouncy, floor, holding her. I can wake her up, but that just seems mean.
MaryPoppins 03:34 PM 04-04-2011
I would wake her up so she naps in the afternoon. I have a 10mo baby and she naps from 8:30-10 and again from 1:30 to 3:30. It took her a while to get into this schedule, but it can be done.
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