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Curriculum>Reach For the Stars/Pam Ball Unlimited Designs?
jojosmommy 12:35 PM 07-28-2011
Someone mentioned Reach For the stars in the curriculum section however when you go to the Reach for the Stars site it leads you into a collection of other sites designed by (I think) Pam Ball. It looks as though you order a theme/unit and can either just purchase the download then print them yourself, have them sent on cd- to again print on your own- or order the cd and have them printed and sent to you. I clicked for over an hour yesterday and still can't get my head around what exactly this lady is selling. There is everything from units/parent articles/forms etc.

Is it theme curriculum which you then implement in your home? Does the curriculum offer crafts? Some of the themes are as cheap as $5 if you print at home yourself. What are you really getting?
Anyone who has used this please help.
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