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kcnjason 04:51 AM 07-12-2011
I have been looking at the "Teacher's Helper" through The Mailbox. It looks really helpful for ideas but it's hard to really know by only looking at a few sample pages. Has anybody ever purchased the Teacher's Helper from the If you have would you please comment on your thoughts.
blueclouds29 10:04 AM 07-12-2011
I have TONS of Mailbox box that i use ALL the time and only have gotten a sample of the "Teacher's Helper" and it looked good. I love the mailbox books so i'm guessing the "Teacher's Helpers" should be good too. Sorry if i'm not of any help
daycare 10:48 AM 07-12-2011
I love the mailbox... they have so much free stuff online too!! I have the teachers helper and I would say that it was not the best use of my money. It is more on class room management than anything...

I bought the every day preschool and I love this one the best of all the ones that I did buy...
Stacy 11:02 AM 07-13-2011
I just recently purchased several books from The Mailbox at great prices. Many were already on clearance, plus an extra 25% off. Can't wait to get them!
youretooloud 07:36 AM 07-18-2011
I use Mailbox every year.

Years ago, I was able to come up with my own curriculum. But, as time goes by, apparently, my brain has failed me, and I can't come up with my own any more.

I still refuse to do any "this is how it should look when you are done" projects. (Except holidays) Every single project we do involves me giving them the materials, and what it ends up looking like is entirely up to them.

But, all the other ideas in Mailbox are awesome. I started out buying used books on Ebay, then a few at the teacher's supply store, then I just caved in and ordered a year's worth of magazines from Mailbox. I definitely prefer the magazines.
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