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MyKzooFamily 12:10 PM 01-09-2012
For over a year I have thought about opening a home daycare. I work as a nanny in someone else's home right now, but I'm very ready to be done with that. I'm excited to work from home, and be able to be home with my 3 year old and newborn due in 8 weeks. I am working on my licensing requirements now, and hope to be done with everything in the next 2-3 months. Then I will just wait to officially open once I have had a short maternity leave and have the baby on a schedule to where I could handle working a full day watching children.

I'm excited to find this site, as I always have questions and this seems to be a great place for other that have answers! Hoping to figure out what food plan is the best one to be working with, what things I should focus on that parents look for most, and advice on what other daycare providers do for payment (prepay or end of week pay), rates, late fees, late pick-up charges, etc.

Excited to join!
Blackcat31 12:35 PM 01-09-2012
Welcome aboard!
Cat Herder 01:49 PM 01-09-2012
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