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Holiday Park 11:40 AM 11-02-2012

I am a child care provider who keeps only a few children in my home. I may decide to become a full licensed daycare,when my youngest gets older. For now, I want to be able to offer lower ratio care,and have more time for my kids,and my youngest who is only 13 months old. Also,the state I'm in does not allow Cloth diapers ,and that bothers me.

Even though I am just a stay at home mom, I take this seriously. I claim what I make on taxes, and this is my job. I also am good at what I do (caring for children) and enjoy this very much. I hope to be able to ask for advice (dealing with the parents ,or kids too on occasion) and offer advice if ever needed.
I was going to the forum on babycenter until I found this site ! I have read several topics and find a lot of you to be pretty knowlable :- )
Blackcat31 11:45 AM 11-02-2012
Welcome to the forum!

Nice to have you aboard!
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