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blandino 09:40 AM 11-09-2012
So I have posted before about DCM of a 9 month old who is delaying introducing solids (which we support) and have accepted and worked with her on - but on Tuesday her daughter grabbed a cheerio off the tray of another child and put it in her mouth. Texted mom, and mom said it was okay. So the next day at snack we gave her cheerios & banana at breakfast and puffs at snack.

This morning mom texts and says

DCM: "DCG's daily report says she had puffs at snack - is that correct ?"
US: Yes, we have to give her a grain at snack.
DCM: New food introduction must be discussed with us, since we have to monitor for allergies.
US: We gave her cheerios on Tuesday, and you gave us the okay & also witnessed it when you came to pick her up. A cheerio and a puff are the same thing. Do you want her to have cheerios only ?
DCM: I didn't realize a cheerio and a puff were the same thing. You can continue to feed her both.

DCM is very over cautious about introducing foods to DCG, and waits 7 days between new foods (instead of the traditional 4). And we have been supportive. And even though this resolved itself, it seems a little crazy to me. Feeding puffs to a 9 month old, when she has given the okay for cheerios - I wouldn't have even thought twice about it. A puff and cheerios are virtually the same thing - right ? Especially at 9 months.

Weird to anyone else ?
SilverSabre25 09:57 AM 11-09-2012
Yeah a bit over the top IMO but in line with what you said about mom being so cautious, I would be extra careful about giving her *anything* without express permission.

You could have given her cheerios again at snack
jojosmommy 10:00 AM 11-09-2012
My DD has severe food allergies and a puff and a cheerio might as well be on different planets allergy wise. Puffs are rice based. Cheerios (name brand) are oat and corn only. Generic brands have all types of mixed grains in them including rice, wheat, and barley.

If the parents are concerned about allergies you will want very explicit lists of what foods and brands are allowed.

My dd can never have rice so a puff would send her into toxic shock. She does however eat cheerios but only the name brand kind.
jojosmommy 10:04 AM 11-09-2012
And I should add that for kids with allergies or family history of allergies 7 days is not odd. Short actually IMO. My dd has a new food everyday for 14 days before we consider it safe and that is widely accepted as typical practice for kids with allergies. The body can quickly become overwhelmed with too rapid back to back introductions.

In your case better safe than sorry.
blandino 10:14 AM 11-09-2012
I appreiate everyones input, let me just add, there is no history of allergies, and no reason to think she would be allergic.. And DCG is 9 months and we have 3 foods we can feed her. We are very stringent about following moms rules, and have fed her nothing more than the mom has allowed.
Lyss 10:32 AM 11-09-2012
I have an 11mo old DCG that is eating similarly. Poor thing hasn't even been introduced to fruits (even baby purees) at home. It has nothing to do with allergies (they have no family history of any allergies) mom is just VERY cautious and is also trying to keep her "a baby as long as possible."

DCG has 8 teeth and so wants to eat what my DD (also 11mos) is having. Mom says "umm...I'm not sure about that" or "I don't think she's ready" when I ask to give her things! honestly I've just started to give her things and then tell mom, i do it gradually though (one a week) and once mom sees she's still alive and well she "approves" the food (so far wheat toast, cheerios, steamed carrots). My DD is mainly on table/finger foods now, and DCG is very interested in what she's eating and gets upset when she can't have the same. But it doesn't sound like this would work with your DCM!
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