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EntropyControlSpecialist 03:22 PM 10-03-2013
I have a strong-willed child here that is nearing the age of 5. I have had this child here for 1.5 years now. While the child was strong-willed when they first started, they were still compliant and wanted to make good choices.

Now, they just don't seem to care. If they are placed in time out for physically hurting another child they kind of smile walk there and aren't phased by the separation from their friends at all. After several incidents in one day, I had him play by himself near me and that didn't seem to matter either.

I'm having problems with the child listening and following the rules. His parents do as well. It's rather exhausting right now and is draining me and I while I have tried a variety of things I figured I would inquire here if anyone had any suggestions. Any at all ... I probably overlooked some obvious things to try.
spinnymarie 06:44 PM 10-03-2013
My only suggestion is that book, Settling Limits with your Strong Willed Child

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