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momtomany74 05:00 PM 09-15-2014
I want to start a Web page for my daycare. I've looked at Vista print and weebly for their free websites. Which have any of you used for your own. Any that are better or easier to use than another?
Blackcat31 06:49 AM 09-16-2014
I use Webs.

I tried using Weebly and Wix and although both were simple enough to use, I found that Webs had more of the templates and "extras's" I was looking for so I went with them.

I had ZERO experience building a web-site but found it to actually be pretty easy.

The first thing I would suggest though would be to buy your own domain name. It simplifies things and makes finding and searching for your site easier.

I bought mine through

Here are a few other threads about creating a web-site
NightOwl 07:54 AM 09-16-2014
I use Webs. I used Vistaprint for a long time, but the cost just kept going up and up. And you can't beat free!
momtomany74 08:56 AM 09-16-2014
Thank you Black cat and Wednesday I'll check out webs today. Read reviews on both weebly and wix. Either sounds good but idk much about Web design. Might have to employ one of my teenagers!
melilley 10:47 AM 09-16-2014
I use Webs as well.
I am basically computer illiterate, but somehow made my site all by
Webs is really easy to use!
Controlled Chaos 03:25 PM 10-23-2014
Webs here too
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