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Kim's Sweet-Tots 11:47 PM 10-22-2014
Hi everyone! My nam is Kim and I'm from Tx but live in Az. I had a registered in home daycare in Tx for 15 years but then remarried and moved to a different state. I thought i was never going to get all the requirements needed here in Az to become a Certified Provider. The standards are so different here so i just decided to go private. Im anxious to get feed back and new ideas from everyone. Its a blessing to just be able to talk to someone who truly understands.
NightOwl 11:48 PM 10-22-2014
Hi Kim!! Glad to have you!
Kim's Sweet-Tots 11:57 PM 10-22-2014
Thanks! Not only have i found the minimum standards to be different but so are the parents!!! I think Its because I'm still remembering the ones i had back home and i watched the same kids until they started school. Im new here so I'm having to start completely over. Like they say though, word of mouth can either make ya or break ya so I'm just trying to be patient and leaving it all in Gods hands.
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