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NoMoreJuice! 06:20 PM 11-19-2014
So a dcm I've had major issues with recently (manipulating me through her daughter, attacking me about schedule changes that made her daughter cry, etc) accused me of allowing a dcb2 to "bully" her dcg3 by hitting her and pushing her around...I termed immediately because I've been looking for a good reason. I wanted to do it in person, but she was not receptive to my suggestion of a face to face meeting because she was too busy, so oh well.

Anyway, I told her that violence is never allowed in my house, and that all kids are supervised at all times (it's a 3 or 4 to one ratio depending on the day...not hard to keep them in eyesight). It's simply a story dcg made up because she wants to stay home with mommy. They all do it occasionally, make up an excuse to stay home, and it's normal. However, I will not tolerate her making specific accusations about one child and leading her daughter to tell a story that is untrue.

So I asked her to pick up all of the girl's things and I offered to refund the one extra day she paid for and make copies of all of dcg's paperwork for a new provider to use. She FLIPPED OUT on me, then apparently called her ex husband, (who is a great guy) who called me immediately. I explained to him that I needed to do this to protect my business, and he said he understood, but was very sad about it. I'll miss him and dcg, but dcm is just too much to deal with.

Logically, she fired back that I must be hiding something, and that I'd better have my ducks in a row so to speak. Yep, I'm expecting a visit in the next few days. Luckily I think I'm all set! It's time for my annual inspection anyway, so my ducks are most definitely in a row.

Wish me luck on the complaint inspection!!
MyAngels 06:37 PM 11-19-2014
Ugh. I'm sure you'll be fine no matter what . Maybe you should call your licensing rep to give them a heads up?
NoMoreJuice! 06:44 PM 11-19-2014
Good plan! I will do that in the morning.
Thriftylady 06:55 PM 11-19-2014
I agree call licensing and tell them you had a bad term and you are expecting you may have a false complaint. Tell them the nature of the complaint you are expecting.
mom2many 08:06 PM 11-19-2014
Here in CA those calls fall on deaf ears, but it doesn't hurt to call and at least give them warning...I had a really nasty verbally abusive Dcd threaten both myself and my 5 yo daughter years ago, and I called licensing that morning after the incident occurred, when I termed the family. Sadly, they didn't care and I realized then that they are more interested in being on a "witch hunt" than protecting providers from volatile individuals that are acting in a vindictive manner.
NoMoreJuice! 08:31 PM 11-19-2014
That is too bad, Mom2Many. I am so happy that here the surveyors are really on our team. I know they will sympathize with this scenario, and even if they are legally obligated to come visit and inspect, they all have really good BS detectors. I'm sure it will take no more than five minutes to glance at my records and move on to more important matters somewhere else. I'm very grateful for the ones I have here, because of the one I used to have in a different county. Takes bad ones to make you adore the kind ones!
DaveA 03:28 AM 11-20-2014
Originally Posted by Thriftylady:
I agree call licensing and tell them you had a bad term and you are expecting you may have a false complaint. Tell them the nature of the complaint you are expecting.
Do this. It's better to be on offense than defense in the situation.
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