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mismatchedsocks 09:35 AM 08-16-2011
I have alot of part time families, at least half of my enrollment. I lucked out finding lots that are flexible and fill each others day off. I have one family who is M,TH, F and then was looking to fill the Tu, W slots. I found a family who needed care one or both of those days. The M,TH,F family has two kids and so did the new family. The M, TH, F family signed a contract for those 3 days and its like my fulltime contract, they pay if not here, etc.
Now I have what I call drop ins, its a list of 4 kids whom have been here sporatic days when I have an opening. I have been full for years, and these were families that want to sign on fulltime but I have no room. The drop ins are not an upset to my daycare. ANYWAY...I signed the new family for TU, W as a drop in contract. Since they wouldnt be here every week, they ask weekly if i have an opening and then pay for the day.

WELL..... M,TH,F family and new family are now friends and were talking on facebook ( yep i can see it ) and didnt understand the contracts and how they are different. I never talk about each families contracts with anyone else, and everyones is different depending on their need. But why do I feel the need to say something?!

I am very laid back, and try to work with families who cannot get part time care, but am not willing to give up whole spots and have them pay for when they are here. I have done this 11 years, so I finally am comfortable with my contracts, even if everyone is different. I think this is what keeps me full and overfull!

Ideas? thoughts?
cheerfuldom 09:57 AM 08-16-2011
Just leave everything as is since it works for you and address each issue IF a parent brings it up. Obviously you know they are concerned but they may not say anything. It sounds like you could easily fill their spot if they don't like your contracts and I bet they know that.
daycare 10:14 AM 08-16-2011
I think some people just want to find things to complain about. If it works for you, then don't change it... I think the reason you feel like you need to say something or fix it, because you are a people pleaser.... I think most of us in this business are and one of the reasons that we get so upset over things like this....

keep your head up and keep your backbone strong....good luck
e.j. 01:15 PM 08-16-2011
When people perceive that they're being treated unfairly, they move on to another situation where they feel they are getting a fair shake. Same goes for dc families. Personally, I'd address the situation immediately so the first family doesn't get it stuck in their heads that they are being charged for something the other family isn't being charged for. (If that's what their conversation was about.)

If they know you have access to their facebook conversation, I'd just be up front about the fact that I noticed they were talking about their contracts and want to explain the difference between contracted hours and drop-in hours.

If you don't want them to know you are checking out their facebook pages, maybe put out a memo for all families saying that there have been questions regarding contracts and payments and then outline the difference between contracted hours and drop-in hours.

I think if it works for you, there's no reason to change what you're doing. Open communciation is a good idea, though, especially if parents seem to have a concern.
Cat Herder 02:04 PM 08-16-2011
Drop-in childcare is a luxury that fills a slot that would not be filled otherwise. This is a very low priority slot to a provider and mostly viewed as a bit of extra income for some inconvienience to her schedule.

Part-Time childcare is a luxury that costs more to have consistent access to. This is a pretty low priority to a provider as it is a bit of a PITA to juggle for little to no personal financial gain.

A Full-Time contract is enforcible and reliable income. This is the providers prefered arrangement and gets highest priority. Both of the above will be dropped in a heartbeat if given the chance at a Full-Time slot.

That should not really be all that confusing to parents....
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