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wdmmom 09:21 AM 12-12-2011
I'm really contemplating changing my contract and eliminate all PT kids. Right now, I have 2 PT kids that come opposite one another. (M-F, 1 morning, 1 afternoon). I make about 50% more for both PT kids than I would for 1 FT kid but it seems to be more of a hassle than it's worth.

Morning shift: Girl almost 4 comes in at 9am each day and leaves at 1230pm. Good kid, quiet, doesn't like to play toys. Would rather do arts and crafts everyday or just watch tv.

Afternoon shift: Boy 2 years old. He comes in around 12pm each day and usually goes down for a nap within an hour of getting dropped off. When he's with his parents, he spends much of his day in a pack and play so when naptime rolls around, he fights us. He went as far as head butting my assistant in the chin last week in an attempt to keep himself out of the pnp! He doesn't play nice with the other kids either. He's mean and I know he has no direction at home. DCD mentioned to me last week that dcb doesn't go to bed at home until 11pm and he sleeps in their bed! This just screams RED FLAG to me! Any attempt I do at anything for him to eat, sleep, play here will be tossed out the window each day come 5pm.

I just need the boost it takes to do it. Then the other part of me says to wait a couple more months and see what happens.
Blackcat31 09:34 AM 12-12-2011
I see also prefer FT over PT but the money is good for PT'ers. However, sometimes the money is just not worth it. If you honestly feel like the parents of the 2 yr old will never be 100% on board and work WITH you, I would honestly term and not do it. It just seems like a LOT of work on your part to always be fighting that battle.

Do you have others waiting for the space or will you be out the income if you term?
wdmmom 09:44 AM 12-12-2011
I've advertised the potential opening a few different times. I've never had a single response to part time ads.
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