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dave4him 09:27 PM 02-01-2012

So i failed to write a booboo report for my little niece after she skinned her knee outside ten minutes before pick up time..... sorry i as a little busy tending to the wound and loving on the kid. But hey its my daycare and my daugther loves having her little shorter friend to play with everyday so i guess i take the bad with the good.... but i am seriously praying about telling my SIL she is stressing me out too much and needs to just put the little one back in her old daycare. She will get sick again, not have older children to help guide her and younger children to help teach, she wont have family around her to love her, but its not up to me. You see i am not doing this for my SIL who is a bit over protective, and who thinks calling me at 9:30 at night to ask about it is okay,,,,, cause its not. I do this for the niece who i love despite her mommies intentions.

On the bright side i think i love doing the daycare thing! Its a blast, and with the weather being warmer its even better because we can go outside and play so much more.... didnt help today since my niece had a skirt on... the kid needs jeans if shes going to play outside. And i am an experienced parent so i know things happen when they happen. They are all still alive right

But maybe it would be best... not that its easy to find people to let me watch their little ones, im still working on that. With that in mind. good night
Sugar Magnolia 04:41 AM 02-02-2012
Oh Dave, I don't think you're crazy. I think a lot of people on the forum will say that family members are the toughest to handle. Don't give up yet.
countrymom 07:05 AM 02-02-2012
sounds to me like you need some help advertising. What are you doing in a way so people know that you run a daycare. Do you have a daycare name.
Meeko 09:25 AM 02-02-2012
Hang in there Dave! Deep breaths!!!

I mentioned before that I think as your niece is so young, she is trying to show you that she is "large and in charge" when it comes to her child. So she's pushing buttons and making comments thinking it makes her look like a good mom and on the ball.

She's a child herself and it must come across as very annoying. I really admire your patience actually. As it's family, and a teenager to boot....I would have snapped back by now.

If it were me, I would sit her down and have a heart to heart. Tell her you love her and the baby, but the complaining, pushing against the rules etc has got to stop or she will have to take the baby elsewhere.
familyschoolcare 09:39 AM 02-02-2012
Dave ...

You need to ..


Breath ....

Pray ...

Read your Bible ...

Pray ...

Ask your self what would Jesus do ....

Pray ...

Then you will have the wisdom to do what is best for your entire family in this situation.
Crazy8 12:59 PM 02-02-2012
I know this isn't really the point of your issue but I have in my contract that they will receive a written accident report by the next business day. Normally I do have it ready an hour or so after the incident, but it covers me in case it happens late in the day.

its one of the golden rules.... don't work for family!!!
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