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Unregistered 04:13 PM 07-18-2020
A Child got grounded at home. DCM told me the daycare boy can't do such and such or have such and such. Do you follow what the mom said or sorry that's at home and daycare is daycare? Part of me says to follow the mom's wishes and the other part says mom doesn't make the rules at daycare. Advise? Anyone have that happen?
Pandaluver21 04:20 PM 07-18-2020
When I first started I had a kid that got grounded at home and mom said not to let him do anything but read. I (kind of) complied, and never will again :P
I wouldn't change the daily routine for any other reason, its just not usually fesable in group care.
springv 05:54 PM 07-18-2020
I would tell mom she can do as she pleases at home but daycare will stay the same and if she's not happy then she can find other care
kendallina 06:56 PM 07-18-2020
Heck no. Daycare is totally separate, I would not let a parent tell me what their child is able to do while in my care.
Josiegirl 03:44 AM 07-19-2020
Yep, dc is dc and home is home. I had a dcm who would constantly try to combine the same discipline methods and hers were completely different than mine. It led to too many issues, including the dcks begging me not to say anything and dcm constantly(!!) harping on if they were 'good or bad', no other conversations. So no, what I did at dc was my own doing and I learned to keep quieter about all those little 'normal' issues.
284878 06:00 AM 07-19-2020
If you grounded your child, would you call the school and tell them that they had to ground him too?
I wouldn't.
CeriBear 12:41 PM 07-19-2020
Nope. Daycare is totally separate. If a parent asked me to take away privileges at school just because their child is being disciplined at home Id tell them no. Im not going to change my routine or have Johnny sit out from playground fun just because he is being punished at home.
284878 01:37 PM 07-19-2020
I know agree to only allow him to participate in only the educational activities. Then make sure everything is educational for him. Lol
Cat Herder 04:31 AM 07-20-2020
The routine here does not change.
rosieteddy 05:13 AM 07-20-2020
DC stays the same.Punishment stays at home. Let her know DC is not a continuation of home.If its that important to her she can work at home,keeping her child with her until grounding is over.
hwichlaz 12:52 PM 07-21-2020
Doesn't fly at school or daycare.
AmyKidsCo 01:33 PM 07-22-2020
Nope, I don't carry out parents' punishments. My hubby and I don't even set a consequence for our kids and expect the other to carry it out. (Not that we don't support each other, but I wouldn't say "No TV tonight" on a night I wasn't going to be home.)
daycarediva 10:52 AM 07-23-2020
Oh heck no.

I FULLY support parents in helping create the best humans possible, BUTTTTTTTT I handle school issues here and they handle home issues at home. I VERY rarely bring up (age appropriate) behaviors because I don't expect the parents to 'secondary' discipline.
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