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Molouu 06:51 AM 08-31-2020
I am finally purchasing a house and looking into starting care out of it. However, I am worried about being disqualified because of my job past.

I have had some bad luck with preschools I have worked at. In the past year I have attempted to work at 3 different daycare centers after leaving my longest one. I didn't work more than 2 weeks at any of them. Part of it was that I was going through some personal health stuff so I just couldn't handle it at the time, but two of them were so disorganized and chaotic and I totally regret leaving my favorite school I worked at because it was so far away. None of them were back to back, I started each job months from each other, with the most recent being a month ago.

All of the schools I worked at did list me as eligible for rehire, except, I'm not sure about the last one as I haven't seen my info in clearinghouse. But, because my work history has for the most part been short work at centers or office temp jobs, I'm afraid to even try opening my own because on paper I do not look reliable in terms of child care. I was a nanny before all of this for a couple years, but not quite the same thing.

I'm not really sure what exactly they're looking for beyond confirming I worked at each place and if I'm eligible for rehire like other jobs look for. I've not really left any place on bad terms, just an understanding that it was not a good fit. I live in Florida if that makes any difference. Would you even still try if you were me?
Cat Herder 07:42 AM 08-31-2020
People who have never even been in a daycare have opened them (and land jobs inspecting them and writing regulations) . Your work history isn't usually relevant except for the training hour requirements.

I'd recommend starting at your licensing page.
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