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Unregistered 09:48 AM 12-27-2019
I have had two differnt families ask for my sign in sheets to use in court against the other parent. Also one wants the enrollment paper work to prove other parents address in court.I want no involvement in it whatsoever.what would you do or say to the family is requesting this information?

thanks for your help.
e.j. 10:52 AM 12-27-2019
I don't have any experience with this kind of situation with day care parents but if you
1. Click on "Search" above in the blue shaded area and then 2. Click on "Tag Search" it will bring you to a section that says "Search by Tag".
3. Type in the word "Divorce" and click on "Search"

It'll bring up past threads that include advice given to others who have found themselves in a similar position.
Sunchimes 01:56 PM 12-28-2019
From past reading and experience, the popular opinion is that you don't have to turn over anything to anyone unless the court requires it. Blackcat had a wonderful letter that she gives to parents when they begin a divorce. It explains why she won't get involved and her limits. I will see if I can find it.
Sunchimes 02:03 PM 12-28-2019
Cat Herder 06:19 AM 12-30-2019
Tell them you will gladly comply when you receive a court order and that until then you are bound by the implied confidentiality agreement.
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