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Danie362 09:02 AM 12-20-2012
I hope everyone have a wonderful and blessed Holiday. I know times get rough doing the season and we have our struggles but know that God will help you to endure it all. Merry Christmas to all be safe and and enjoy this time with family and friends.

I pray that you learn to laugh out loud today and enjoy Godís grace and love. Start your day with God knowing that the Lord will give you strength to endure. Whatever you are facing today Godís grace with be sufficient for you to complete the assignment for today and all days of your life. Yes, it may be hard, terrible even, but GOD will give you endurance to run this race, called life. So be encouraged today and live beyond your greatest imagination through Jesus Christ as He will give you strength to endure it all.

ĒBy your endurance you will gain your lives.Ē (Luke 21:18)
Country Kids 09:27 AM 12-20-2012
Thank you for the inspiring words! Much needed today-
EntropyControlSpecialist 09:41 AM 12-20-2012
This is a hard time for my family with my divorce beginning so that message was needed and is appreciated.
Danie362 10:01 AM 12-20-2012
You both are very welcome. I wanted to uplift some spirits today even if it just for a moment. God just moving through me today spirits high with the hopes of putting smile on other faces even through our hard time. Have a blessed day ladies.
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