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Danie362 11:02 AM 01-04-2013
I don't know what to do. I have posted flyers, told everyone I know that i was starting my on daycare, still now calls. I was thinking about call around to other providers to see if maybe that had any referrals. what do you all think?
DaisyMamma 11:46 AM 01-04-2013
I hate when I'm low on kids! I've considered calling area providers to get referrals, but never have. It's not a bad idea.
I find craigslist is the best place to get kids.
daycare 11:52 AM 01-04-2013
Here is what I have found the courage to do...

while I am out in a local business, I will talk to parents that have kids....

For some reason kids love I think they have a 6th sense when it comes to them knowing that I love kids...

Usually a little kid will be in a shopping cart and will laugh at me or wave at me or do something funny. Even if they are not doing those things, I will comment on something that they are doing.

Something like: wow you are being such a patient young man for your mommy... Usually this strikes up conversation. I then say, I own a private preschool at my home, here's my card. They usually will ask questions or just say thanks..

My new goal is to at least approach 3 people in every store I go into....

Last year I got 4 people this way.... ALso, I volunteer at every opportunity I can get and give out tons of Free Parents night out voucher, or one week free trial......etc etc.....
Binkybobo 01:58 PM 01-04-2013
Once a woman walked up and started playing with my baby at the grocery store. she told her how beautiful and cute she was etc. I usually don't like strangers to bother me in public, but she was so sweet and had a great personality. She handed me her card and told me she had a home daycare. She talked about the great olombian food she cooked daily etc. I was sold! I had no problem with the daycare she was attending at the time, but I would have switched her to this lady's care in a split second had she lived closer. I seriously considered driving out of my way on the way to work to get her there. Personally I used Craigslist, and I also posted a thread on a local mom's meetup group's board that I was a member of. I got several calls from the meetup group, and even landed a sweet little girl in my care. I put up flyers at the ibraries, and anywhere that had a bulletin board. I also had my husband put flyers on car windows. I paid $35 to get in the paper, and anything else I could think of. I was full within 6 weeks. It may also be your area. I never had the guts to walk up and play with babies. It's not my personality. I wish I could. I'm afraid of appearing unnatural and forced
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