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nikia 07:21 AM 11-22-2010
Okay so I little background before I get to my question. I have a 3 yr old dcg whose parents are seperated. The dad has been dating multiple woman since April and introducing his daughter to all of them. The mom dated one guy never introduced her daughter, it was a casual thing, but now the mom told me she is pregnant with this guys kid.

The girl is already having a hard time dealing with all that goes on. She was potty trained and now has reverted back, she pees on everything if she doesnt have a pull up on. She is hitting, spitting on people, kicking almost anything that gets attention. I have found sitting with her and just giving her extra attention has helped some these things, but I cant do it all day long as it is not fair to other kids.

I love this little girl, she was one of my first when I started daycare. I am so worried for her with a new baby coming, a baby that will not have a father involved, so the mom will have two kids that need constant attention.

So how would you help this little girl? I have time before new baby comes here and want to make this as easy as possible while she is here, at least then she has a place that is stable and knows that she will get some attention. But I also do not want to be unfair to all my other daycare kids.
missnikki 07:26 AM 11-22-2010
I would start a baby curriculum, to let her get a little exposure to what is coming. Lots of baby play, with 'big sister' dynamic. Get her into helping, with a ton of praise. She needs to start feeling good about her place in life, quick.
nikia 10:17 AM 11-22-2010
Also I don't agree with these parents and what their daughter is being exposed to. How far do u think going over the line is ? Like if I suggested counseling for the little girl? I guess how far do we go as providers when we know damage is being done but its nothing like physical abuse or neglect something that can be reported.
missnikki 10:30 AM 11-22-2010
I suppose that depends on how comfortable you feel with talking honestly to them. You don't need to suggest counseling, you could instead bring up your concern to them and let them know that this behavior is not a coincidence, and that the timing of the family dynamics is causing Suzy to act out and need attention. I would probably just mention it between adults (no kids around) and tell them I'm concerned about the way she is taking to the changes. Let them think it's their idea to take her to someone.
KEG123 10:30 AM 11-22-2010
Hard call. In the end there is not much you can do except offer her love and attention. Poor little girl.
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