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Michelle 12:28 PM 01-19-2013
I have 2 children and both my husband and I work nights. We try to work different nights so that 1 is always home with the boys. Sometimes, this is not possibile and he or I have to call off. We would like to have family watch them but they want to be payed. We feel like we should not have to pay family to help out. Especially since both kids sleep through the night with-out getting up. My 4-year-old is able to stay with my mother but she doesn't feel healthy enough to watch my 7-month-old. So, instead of paying my greedy family, I'd rather pay you! We don't have much. We will hope to pay a flat rate for the night shift. Shift would be 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. (1 to 3 times a week). He will be sleep from 8 p.m. until we get home. So your job will be mostly to sleep, eat, watch netflx and be on our Internet! We are basically paying you to sleep over or house while we work!

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Holiday Park 12:46 PM 01-19-2013
The family of this parent has probably felt taken advantage of and got smart . I hate when parents think night care is worth less. Personally I think its worth more because night time is when anything could happen. The children are being protected and watches over while they sleep, and what if they wake throwing up or have night terrors? What if they wet the bed? Refuse to go to bed, etc...
cheerfuldom 01:07 PM 01-19-2013
I highly doubt a 7 month old is sleeping every night the whole time, never fails. that would be pretty rare. her version of "sleeping" may be the kids crying or playing in their rooms. but anyway, i find it odd that she would rather pay a stranger than her own relative. I would imagine there is a lot more to that story.
Michelle 02:40 PM 01-19-2013
I found this on in the Long Beach Ca. area so you guys can look it up.. I just think that she wants free.
I remember my sil wanted me to watch my niece for free and I told her that I do need to be payed so she said she placed an ad and got some man to watch her for free.. she was just trying to scare and manipulate me so I would cave in.
pretty sad... but she always had enough money for cigarettes!
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