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Sugar Magnolia 04:43 PM 08-15-2011
So I need a swift kick to the rear today ladies! I broke my policy and gave someone a darn refund! Ugh! She pulled the "I'm a single mom" routine and I caved. DCM had paid in advance, cash, for the month of August. She gave notice around the first of the month, saying the 19th would be her last day. I told her THEN I didn't do refunds. She only attends part-time, so I offered her to come on days she is normally off to use up the 8 days in question. She used some, but still had 2 days left over. She insisted on a refund, although I repeatedly told her no. I reminded her of the financial policy that states no refund of tuition at any time for any reason. So she pushed and pushed, so I gave her her 2 day refund, mostly to just end the drama. I get she's a single mom, but jeez, so are half of my DCM's. Ugh!!!

Ok, I'm ready, let the kicking begin!
Cat Herder 04:53 PM 08-15-2011
No kicking.... We have ALL done it.

I have to fall for one sob story every 5 years or so to remind myself why I don't fall for sob stories....
Sugar Magnolia 05:06 PM 08-15-2011
Thanks Cat! You're the best! I'm just mad I lost my hard-earned backbone. I did tell her if I gave a refund to everyone with a sob story, I wouldn't be in business. My poor husband....he had to listen to the vent all the way home in the car. Oh well, small price for him to pay, because he knows its ME that has to do all the tough conversations..... But he's a fabulous teacher and I'm blessed to have such an awesome man as my business partner. He does change most of the diapers, god bless him.
mac60 05:09 PM 08-15-2011
I am married and am trying to put 2 kids thru college, my husband lost his job and is working for a temp agency for a low wage. We pay our own health insurance which cost us close to $500 per month with $5000 deductible per person, I now have over $300 in medical bills at the medical center, no one has helped us,........grr. I feel for you, I am sorry that she has the "entitlement syndrome". Single mom or not, doesn't matter, pay what you owe and agreed to.

I do believe in doing what each of us can to help the next person out, to an extent....but I get really sick of the single mom syndrom.
Cat Herder 05:10 PM 08-15-2011
Glad to hear you have a good one, too!!!

I still think mine is the best, though....

I bet you think that, too, though, huh??
Sugar Magnolia 05:21 PM 08-15-2011
Yeah Mac, I actually kinda needed the cash $ I just handed her. We lost 4 long term kids over the summer (parent lost job, moved, having babies and staying home, loss of state scholarship). So we struggled all summer long to pay the bills @ home. (School building always gets paid for first). But I have all 4 replaced when school starts 8/29. But that doesn't help us now.

On a different note, I am soooo with you on the frustration of health care! I gamble and go insurance-less. Risky, but I just pay cash when we need to see a doctor. They often negotiate if you are paying cash.
Thanks for your support Mac
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