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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>No Water For 3 Days!!!!!
tjones34 09:16 AM 07-16-2013
So my area will be affected by a major water main break. We will have no running water for 3 to 5 days. This is totally insane how am i supposed to function without running water. Then on top of that I will have to let my parents that I will be closed the rest of the week. How do I word this to them and what if parents ask for payments back? Help
Heidi 09:20 AM 07-16-2013
Are they in the same dilemma?

Obviously, you cannot control the situation, so they should understand.

I would not refund payments. IF someone makes a fuss, I would only apply what they've paid to next week's tuition. I would never "refund" money.

I assume your contract doesn't even address this type of thing, I guess it's something I should probably think about now that you mention it. Sheesh...just when you think you've thought of everything. Someday my parent handbook is going to be 85 pages long...
coolconfidentme 09:22 AM 07-16-2013
I have been informed there is a major water main break that effects my daycare. Unfortunately we will be closed on XYZ days as they repair the problem. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you & thank you for your patience's.
Starburst 09:24 AM 07-16-2013
"Dear DCF,
Due to the city-wide water issues, the child care home will be closed until this problem can be fixed. Licensing regulations require that I have running water and electicity during hours of operation to provider care. If things go accordingly, I plan on opening again on the next day of business of the expected date it should be fixed, ___day, July xx, 2013. No refunds will be given at this time*. Sorry for the inconvience. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
- DCP"

*In the future, if its not already, you may want to state in your policies (and contract) if an issue like this were to occur (unexpected temperary closing or issues out of your control) whether or not a refund will be given. Or if you have a no refund/ applied credit policy.
Play Care 09:36 AM 07-16-2013
I have it in my polices that "acts of God" or other issues beyond my control are not cause for refunds. Granted if I was to be closed for days on end I might reimburse them, but a day here or there? No. Could you maybe watch the kids at one of the clients homes? Not sure I'd want the liability but it may be an option if parents seem desperate?
MrsSteinel'sHouse 09:54 AM 07-16-2013
I couldn't watch them at anyone else's home because my home is licensed. I wouldn't want the liability of having them elsewhere anyway. And if it is in your handbook I wouldn't mess with it anyway!
tjones34 10:02 AM 07-16-2013
Thanks you guys! I actually do have it in my handbook about closing and that if it continued for more than 3 days we would apply payment to the next week. I think that is fair.
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