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Scout 01:06 PM 10-17-2013
and I am crying! Gonna miss these boys! So good.
Familycare71 01:12 PM 10-17-2013
there are some that never leave your
JoseyJo 01:13 PM 10-17-2013
One of my favs who left for K this year is coming back to visit tomorrow! We are so excited to see him
MyAngels 02:37 PM 10-17-2013
Imagine when you start getting their high school graduation announcements . I got my first one this year
Meeko 03:09 PM 10-17-2013
It can be the hardest part of the job and also the best.

Some of the kids I've said goodbye to years ago now have kids of their own and are my friends on Facebook. I've received graduation invites, engagement announcements, wedding invitations, baby showers and baby announcements. Warms my heart to see them grow.
Tags:missing past clients, saying goodbye
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