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Daycare and Taxes>For Tom: Statement of Fees Paid vs Reciept
legomom922 07:22 AM 11-10-2010
I termed a family last week and their last day was suppose to be Thurs. On tues, I printed out a statement of fees paid including the Thurs even though I had not been paid yet but was anticipating being paid on Thurs, and I told them to look this over and make sure it was correct. I did NOT sign the form where it says provider signature, and I also told them if it was correct, to sign it also and to return it to me on Thurs.

Well I was very sick on Thurs and tehrefore could not care for any of the DC kids. Now this family is very upset with me that I did not provide care to them
on their last day, which I totaly understand, and also has NOT paid me.

So now I am concerned about this statement that I gave to them, because if I end up taking them to court, what are my chances of winning the case with this statement out there even though I did not sign it yet? If I don't have a chance of winning this case, then there is no reason for me to even take them to court.

And another question I have is, I am adding a $10 late payment fee to their balance for every day that they are delaying payment. Can I keep doing that all the way until court if I end up going that way?

Any suggestions? I don't really know myu legal rights, and I know I may have complicated things by giving them this statement! And can they use this statement in place of a reciept? Because I did not issue a reciept yet either, or a W-10.
Crystal 07:50 AM 11-10-2010
Not sure how it would hold up in court, but I hope you don't give out a statement before fees are paid anymore...I could certainly see it making it more difficult to collect....signed or not...they could simply say you accidentally failed to sign it, but they have it so they must have paid.

I don't give a reciept or a statement.....parents write me checks and that is their reciept for payment. I give a year end w-10 and that's all, unless I am asled for something due to child support or FSA.
legomom922 08:28 AM 11-10-2010
Live and learn....
legomom922 03:31 PM 11-15-2010
She paid!!!
TomCopeland 01:52 PM 11-20-2010
You can certainly charge late fees when a parent doesn't pay. However, most courts will not enforce such late fees because they can grow to be more than the amount owed. If the parent hadn't paid and you ended up taking the parent to court I don't think the statement you gave the parent would be that bad for you. If the parent tried to claim that they did pay you, you would simply ask the parent to prove it.
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