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childcarebytori 06:50 AM 08-03-2011
I have a 1.5yo dcg who, very recently, has become obsessed with the baby dolls we have.

One random day about a month ago, dcg was playing with a 3yo with the baby dolls when 3yo leaned over to get the baby blanket that was near the baby doll the 1.5yo had set down on the floor. 1.5th snatched up her hard-headed baby doll and prompty smacked the 3yo right in the face with it.

Dcg3 ended up with a bruised cheek and dcg1.5 lost privileges to play with the dolls the rest of the week.

The following week, 1.5yo was allowed to play with dolls again and within the first 30-minutes, she had hit a 2yo in the face and gathered up all of the baby dolls (there were 5 of them) into her 'corner' and swatted at anybody who tried to get within 2 feet of her. 4yo dcg managed to steal a baby from the corner and ended up getting bitten. I had to stop feeding the two infants and 1.5yo was separated from the group and more importantly, the baby dolls.

Yesterday dcg1.5 was taken off probation. She had a whole month of 'no babies' in which if she tried touching a doll, she was handed a stuffed animal to play with instead. She did great all morning, sharing with the kids and playing with the baby dolls.

After nap and snack the majority of my group had departed. I had 1.5yo, 2yo and sister of 1.5yo who is 3.5. 1.5yo was playing with a doll when the other two kids walked pass her to come color at the table when dcg 1.5 went on a crazy spree. She ran after the two girls, screeching and hollering, her arms waving and swinging in the was bonkers! After chasing the two girls (who are my most fearless kids but who were running for their lives!) off, she sat down with her baby doll and wrapped her arms around it

Her display was dramatic, nutty, crazy and completely unlike anything I've seen from this kid. I took the baby dolls away again and she cried most of the afternoon. I do NOT want her claiming possession of any of our daycare toys, and I don't want my other kids terrified of getting smacked or bit just because they want to play with dolls. I am a super-strict person be nature and I'd like this issue resolved quickly as I'm getting three new dcks in the next two months who will, like most kids, enjoy playing with the baby dolls.

If anyone has advice on what I can do, what you've done in a situation like this or similar........I'd sincerely appreciate it!
Cat Herder 07:53 AM 08-03-2011
Check out the "Pink Dress Boy" threads.

I think this was well covered there....

The tags below should bring them up. Just click on them.
Tags:developmental - support, escalation, fixation, obsession
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