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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Great Website That Has Everything You Need For A Curriculum
Oneluckymom 12:52 PM 01-09-2012
I found this great website that has everything you need for a curriculum and proceeded to print it all up and put it in a binder.

It has curriculum for infants through elementary. Just wanted to share.

Seriously it has it all...even the weekly outline and reading guide. Enjoy.
Countrygal 02:02 PM 01-09-2012
Thanks so much for the link!!!! I DO love this! I can use it as is or incorporate it into other things (or other things into it). What a great site! And all free!!!!! (free is very, very good!)
AnythingsPossible 04:55 PM 01-09-2012
I can't believe how much information is on the above mentioned site! She has truly put alot into it! Thanks for sharing the link.
Blackcat31 05:02 PM 01-09-2012
Alright, why is the kids gagging over broccoli thread now merged with this curriculum thread?

....wasn't me!
Michael 05:03 PM 01-09-2012
My bad. I fixed it.
Ariana 05:17 PM 01-09-2012
Wow that site is awesome!! I was already thinking of doing some curriculum stuff now that my DD is 2.5 so this is perfect Thanks so much for sharing!!
Oneluckymom 09:21 PM 01-09-2012
Your welcome. She really has put a lot of effort into it. It is such a great starting point to build off of or just to use as is.

I really liked it and thought you guys would as well.
Half-Pint Hide-Out 09:20 AM 01-10-2012
I really love that curriculum! I've used it as a starting point the past few years and it worked out wonderfully! I'm currently not doing any curriculum at the moment, however. I have mostly 4-5 year olds that are enrolled in an actual preschool program three days a week. I feel that they are so overwhelmed and structured those days that when I have them...I want them to be able to act and be carefree kids! Not saying that I don't have structure...just a bit more relaxed structure! But once these kids heard to kindergarten next fall...I'll be back to the curriculum again!!
AmyLeigh 11:00 AM 01-10-2012
I have used this with my ds, and have just started it with my 3 yo dd and 2 yo dcg. Our learning poster is right next to the parents' board, so dcm can reinforce it at home if she wants to.
This is nice and adaptable, can add to it or cut it down if needed.
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