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Parents and Guardians Forum>Can Anyone Recommend a Good Child Care in Morristown, TN?
Unregistered 02:19 PM 04-15-2010
I am looking for a safe fun place for my infant daughter I want some place where I can feel confortable leaving her and somewhere she can be till she starts school.
Michael 02:40 PM 04-15-2010
Here are some listings you can call:
QualiTcare 11:09 PM 04-15-2010
i live in kingsport, TN so we are pretty close! i don't know about a good daycare in morristown, but i can tell you this:

i've worked in "chain daycares" and i've visited/observed several daycares when i was working toward my degree/teaching license in early childhood. on top of that, my own 2 children went to one of the chains which is supposedly the best - Kindercare!

If i had it to do over again, i would've found a home provider who i trusted. the chain daycares often keep as many kids as they legally can with the minimum number of workers. when i worked at daycare, the ratio was one teacher (me) to TWENTY children ages 5-12. yeah, as a teacher, i would have up to 20 children and that would be no big deal. however, there's a big difference in having 20 children who are ALL 5 years old and having 20 children who have a huge age span. story time is a nightmare. outside play is a nightmare. it's just not a QUALITY situation.

as an early childhood professional, a former daycare worker, and someone who has worked in public schools - i would HIGHLY reccomend an in home provider. that's only my expert opinion of course.
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