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MNMum 09:40 AM 01-01-2013
So I'm pretty sure my kids have had the seasonal flu. Temps as high as 103.5, chills, body aches, sore throat, coughing, runny nose. My oldest started Friday-fever broke today(4 days). Youngest started yesterday- still has a fever. My middle seems to be walking the line with only a sore throat. My kids did not get flu shots, my husband and I did because we are required for work (Army and NICU RN). We haven't gotten sick.

Should I close tomorrow, or give parents the option to bring their kids. I have a decent set-up to keep my kids separate while still within earshot.
Blackcat31 10:09 AM 01-01-2013
Personally I would close. If you let parents have the option of coming, with so many of your own family members feeling ill, I think it will just keep getting spread back and forth and I would want to nip it in the bud and be done.

I would close, have everyone get some much needed rest and I would also sanitize the heck out of the house so you are all bright eyed and bushy tailed for Thursday.

I am sure your parents don't necessarily want their kids to be exposed any more than necessary.

Hoping everyone in your house feels better soon.
e.j. 12:02 PM 01-01-2013
If it were me and my kids were old enough to be on their own while I took care of the day care kids, I'd probably offer the parents the choice. If I close, I don't get paid. Coming so soon after Christmas and a week's vacation with no pay, I wouldn't be able to afford to close so I'd remain open if I could. A lot depends on your own circumstances and contract with the dc parents, though.

I agree with Blackcat when she says you do risk the chance that the dc kids will catch the flu from your kids and keep passing it back and forth. Based on my own experience, if given the choice, your dc parents will probably opt to bring their kids to day care so be prepared to have some takers if you decide to offer a choice.

I hope you and your husband stay well and that your kids feel better soon.
MNMum 02:44 PM 01-01-2013
Thanks for the thoughts. I decided to let everyone know and give them the option. 2 of the 3 families have alternative care in the area, so may choose that. However, one does not, so she may be here. The problem with this illness, is I am sure my 3 yo will be sick through the rest of the week. He is fine to sit in front of the TV and has no energy to do anything else.
MarinaVanessa 02:51 PM 01-01-2013
I would offer the parents the choice. I'd say "Hey, my kids are sick with the flu and it's your choice to bring them or not but if your kids come down with symptoms for exclusion then they have to stay home until they have no more symptoms. It's up to you."

I've done this before too when my 2 kids got sick with HFM (well my DS had it and I kept my DD home just make sure she didn't pass it to her classmates just in case they had younger siblings) but my DS was only 1 so my DH stayed home from work to watch the kids upstairs and I stayed downstairs at all time for a week.

You don't have to take as many precautions with the flu as HFM but if you did decide to stay open I'd make sure that your kids understood and were able to stay in their room until they get over it. They will also need their own bathroom. You should wash your hands all of the time, give your DCK's meals in their rooms, go back and pick up that plates later, wash them and your hands thoroughly, don't go in their room, etc. Pretty much take every precaution you can to not make contact with them.
MNMommy2 08:10 PM 01-01-2013
If by seasonal flu, you mean Influenza A, this is such nasty stuff, three people in my inner circle have had it this year already and it is BAD. I would have closed rather than expose anyone to this! Just my opinion.

My mom had it and she was so miserable, she also felt lucky that she was not hospitalized. There were 120 people hospitalized the same week that she had it. (I am in MN, too.) She had the flu shot, as did all the others I know who have come down with it. Apparently there is a strain that was not covered by the shot this year.

I hope your family feels better very quickly!
Scout 06:37 AM 01-02-2013
I would probably close so that my kids could get all my attention & I could disinfect the house & not expose the other kids as well. I hope everyone feels better quickly!
MNMum 09:13 AM 01-02-2013
I was glad I gave the option, as one family had the same crud over the break, exact same symptoms. They were the only ones that decided to come today. My littlest DS seems to be kicking it much faster than his sister did and his fever has already come down after only 2 days vs. 5 for his older sister.
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