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Unregistered 07:15 PM 06-21-2010
my daughter is 14 years old. can she volunteer at a daycare in tennessee? i am wanting her to know that life is about working and being responsible. she loves kids and is very good with them, so i got to thinking and thought about her volunteering at a daycare.

i have tried to find out if this is legal. i thought i would check here to get some opinions.
i am not wanting her to do this full time, just a couple days a week, or so many hours in week.

Thank you!
Michael 10:50 PM 06-21-2010
Check with your state's standards:
melskids 03:27 AM 06-22-2010
definetly depends on your state. i know some allow for a 14 yr old to work at a daycare, but here in NY you must be 18.

my son is 14, but he likes to help out alot. i cant leave him alone with the kiddos, but he does like playing with them when we're all outside, and he does alot of the prepping and cleaning up.
professionalmom 04:52 AM 06-22-2010
Another option (if your state doesn't allow it) is to see if anyone needs a "mother's helper". When my daughter was an infant and my daycare kids were gone, I found it very difficult to do housework while my DD wanted my attention all the time. So I had a neighbor girl come over for an hour or two and entertain my DD while I got some housework done. She was never alone with my daughter, but she got "babysitting" experience and a small amount of cash, while I got much needed work done. Then she moved away. New moms would probably jump at something like that, even if it's just to take a 5 minute shower!
Unregistered 01:08 PM 06-23-2010
Thank You Very Much for the information..
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