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tenderhearts 04:23 PM 10-03-2018
I was wondering what types of small group centers you offer daily?
racemom 06:57 AM 10-04-2018
We have kitchen center ( which rotates things available: dolls, restaurant supplies, ice cream shop, donut shop). Our other centers are: reading area, math area, science center, creative arts center, an area that rotates: vet clinic, post office, legos, doll house, barn and animals.
Jiminycrickets 01:26 PM 10-04-2018
We have
-sensory bin/art area
-reading/quiet area
-dramatic play area (kitchen or work bench or maybe something else that fits our theme)
-lego area (duplo and mega blocks rotate)
-large motor area (tunnels, sit n spin, rocking horse, soft balls, basketball hoop, slides or indoor climber)
-math/science area
-little people area (my current kids love them and we have a lot so they have their own permanent center)
-and a general small toys area where i rotate things like cars, different types of blocks, music, superhero guys, etc.
hwichlaz 02:39 PM 10-04-2018
in the house/playroom

literacy (sometimes this is magnets and cookie sheets with matching papers, other times playdough with laminated letter mats and cookie cutters, or little chalkboards and chalk)
Math (this is soups and stews, the ingredients and picture recipe cards are changed every two weeks with our theme)
reading (books changed out with themes or need)
shapes (sometimes tangrams, other times pattern blocks)
themed toy box rotates with our theme every two weeks
and then the rest is a toy bin rotation.


sensory bins (a four chamber table)
3 double sided easels with paints and smocks
I rotate find motor activities available at the picnic table.
LK5kids 04:46 AM 10-07-2018
Family living/ Housekeeping
Book corner
Magnetic - oil pan &/or table top magnet board
Art center (fairly simple)-markers, paper, oil pastels, stencils, play doh
Math & fine motor
General toys
Writing center
Sensory table

My science, art, writing, manipulatives/puzzle centers are fairly simple.

They are on the table we eat at which Is up against the wall. It's a long, low, kids' table fashioned after IKEA's kids' table.

My science center may just have some seashells and magnifying glasses or fall leaves, gourds, mini fall decorative corn, a mini pumpkin and magnifying glasses (as it does now)

My writing center right now has a mini tote with mini tablets, fine-tipped markers, a mailbox, and two mini manga doodles.

This is an older picture but gives you and idea on what I'm talking about!
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