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marniewon 10:00 AM 02-10-2011
Okay, on 1/27 I started a thread called "Need feedback on a letter".

Just a background: 3 mo dcb, slept in swing 24/7 at home. Extended the trial period another two weeks with the promise that dcp's would work on this at home.

Okay, now to the present. Extended trial period is over today. I am not interested in extending it again. Things have really improved here with dcb being able to sleep in pnp, however, when he gets tired, he screams! His naps are longer and more regular now, but I still can't rock him to sleep, and even if I did he would wake up as soon as I laid him down. My 2 new dck's started this week and today is the first day that they are all here together. I don't even know where to nap him today because I know as soon as I lay him down he will start screaming. The other 2 are still adjusting (and doing a pretty good job) but I want to make sure they get the rest that they need. I literally have no where else to put him but in that room with them, or out here with me.

Anyway, I know that was probably more info than you needed . Abigail came up with a very professional sounding letter and I'm wondering if Abigail can again, or anyone really, help me with a term letter? I'm looking for something like: Now that the extended trial period is over, I want to review. And then tell them that I can no longer meet their needs. I'm not looking to get into all the specifics in the letter, just to keep it professional, short and positive.


PS, should probably add that mom has been working with him, not sure if dad has or not. He sleeps in his crib at night now at home. He's definitely making progress, but I think they must rock/feed him to sleep at home. I was sure that if we were all doing the same thing for the extended trial time he would be able to nap in the pnp without screaming. The fact that he isn't, makes me think that we aren't all doing the same thing.

Editing to add (like this wasn't long enough I will give them a week to find someone else, so next week will be his last week. However, if it doesn't sound too stupid, I'd like to put something in there about: during the trial period either party can term on the spot, but since I know how hard it is to find a dcp that you are comfortable with, I'm giving you the courtesy of giving you a one week notice.

I guess that sounds kind of dumb. See why I need help with this? LOL
Michael 11:49 AM 02-10-2011
There are a few here. Just have to look through the threads:
DCMomOf3 11:53 AM 02-10-2011
in going through Michael's links, I like this one.



As you know, I have specifications in our contract for a two-week trial period. This gives you, as parents, as well as myself, an opportunity to see how your child fits into care here at “******* Daycare”. I am afraid that after this trial period, I will not be able to continue with our contract. This has been a difficult decision on my part, as I care for ****, but I am not able to provide him with the level of care he needs, as well as the other children in my care concurrently.

The trial date ends tomorrow, it is your decision if you would like to bring him or not, if you choose not to bring him you will be reimbursed for this day. However, I am willing to extend providing care for **** until
DATE*** so that you may have time to find a provider that will be a better fit for ****. If you choose to do this you will be required to pay for the full week of care even if you find care sooner.

It is important to me, as a childcare provider, to provide the same level of care to each individual child that I would provide for my own children. I do not feel this is possible in the current situation. I apologize for any inconvenience, but take these steps out of consideration for what is best for Alex as well as for my other children. I thank you for your time and wish your family all the best.

Respectfully Yours,

Parent Signature__________________________Date___________

Provider Signature________________________Date____________
daycare 01:04 PM 02-10-2011
love this....I am cutting and pasting right now....just in case I ever need it..

thanks a million!!
marniewon 04:40 PM 02-10-2011
Thanks Michael and DCMomOf3! I went with the one that was posted here .
Abigail 08:29 PM 02-10-2011
Awww, you made my smile to see my name in a thread. Had to work today so haven't been on yet. Thanks for the smile

I don't mind DCMomof3's version, but as I read it the "disappointing news" was still in the first paragraph and that sad news should be kept for the second paragraph. The last paragraph is a restatement, so it just ends sadly also. I will see what I can think of and reread the first letter I wrote. I want to look over previous threads real quick first.
Abigail 09:31 PM 02-10-2011
Well, I tried my best. I normally wouldn't recommend adding any "fluff" like this even though I kept it to a minimum, but since you're working so well with this family and it's a special situation with you offering the extended trial/adjustment period I felt it was appropriate to add some fluff.


CHILD has been progressing well with adjusting to sleeping without the motion of a swing. Iím sure itís much easier to have CHILD sleep peacefully in HIS/HER crib at home as well. The extended ďtrial/adjustment periodĒ has now come to an end.

This note is to let you know that I will not continue to offer child care services to CHILD beginning on Friday, February 18. I will continue to provide child care services until that date.

Iím very pleased with your willingness to work with me and appreciate your understanding. Since we both put in our best efforts during this extended trial period, you will not be required to pay for days CHILD is not in my care for this final week.

Provider Signature & Date
Parent Signature & Date

Why did I write the letter this way?--I start out P.1 with happy thoughts and am just giving the follow up to your last letter. P.2 states the cold truth. P.3 brings back some happy (it's a sentence of compliment to the parents) and sums it up. I really do feel this is a good basic outline rule when writing challenging letters.

My this the correct date to enter if this is the last day you'll provide care or are you suppose to enter Monday's date? That kind of confuses me. It might be easier to say "CHILD'S last day of care will be Friday, February 18." It's also your choice whether you want to add a final sentence on wishing them farewell (You'll miss them, only if you really will!). Also, when you terminate do you need two parent lines or just one?
marniewon 09:43 PM 02-10-2011
Originally Posted by Abigail:
It's also your choice whether you want to add a final sentence on wishing them farewell (You'll miss them, only if you really will!). Also, when you terminate do you need two parent lines or just one?
Thanks Abigail! I really appreciate your help! However, I needed to have the letter this afternoon, as this is their last day for the week, so I used the letter posted, changed it to relevant info and changed it around just a bit to better fit this family.

I've always wondered about saying anything, like how much I enjoyed child, if, in fact I really didn't? This baby was truly a sweetie, when he wasn't screaming. Unfortunately he spent much more time screaming to really enjoy him . Since the family (or at least mom) was trying, I know he would have eventually come around, but I didn't really feel like I had that much time. If my house was set up better, or I had other rooms to put him in, I could have made it work, without compromising the care for the other children. But, I don't have another room, and my house has a really bad set up for daycare, and I just couldn't compromise all my other kids' care for this one.

Thanks again!!
Abigail 10:00 PM 02-10-2011
Oh dang, I thought you still needed something by tomorrow and saw you were still online. It's 1 am here. LOL

I'm glad you got it done with! Doing the traditional termination letter is always best not to have specifics in writing.
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