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crunchymama 09:12 AM 08-30-2012
I need help writing a letter to my DC Families about taking some time off in September. I was at the dr yesterday and they have scheduled me to have a laparoscopy on Sept 27 (thursday). I tried to pin the dr down on how much time I will need off work and he said I should be fine by Monday but no lifting for 2 weeks. I don't currently have any babies in care, my youngest are 2.5 and oldest is 8. The lap is for infertility and suspected endometriosis.
So I need help on drafting a letter to the parents that I will be taking my pre-op day (17th) off as well as the 27th and 28th. And if any of you has had this surgery how much time off did you take?
Thanks in advance!
MarinaVanessa 09:56 AM 08-30-2012
I've never had that type of surgery like you specified but I did however had laproscopic surgery when I had appendicitis (spelling??). As long as you don't do any lifting or bump it you should be fine as long as you take your pain medication. I went in one day on a thursday to have it done and by Monday I was already trying to cart around laundry etc. It didn't hurt much to lift but I did bump it once and it knocked me to my knees and nauseated me. I'd ask beforehand what type of medication they will give you. Strong enough stuff can sometimes make you drowsy and that would be bad especially when working with kids.

As far as the letter goes just be brief if you don't want to specify why you need time off. Make sure it has the date of the letter, the dates you'll be closed, and a general "the daycare will be closed for personal/medical reasons". Quote your policies on how these situations are handled, for example "As per our contract I am alloted 5 PAID personal/sick days a year. Your regular tuition rates will apply" etc. If you don't allow yourself paid sick days then you might think about whether you will just deduct the days from their rates or not. hen lastly specify the exact date that they can come back "Childcare services will resume [date]". And of course a "Thank you for your understanding" is always nice at the end.
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