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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Question Regarding Ratio In PA???
gbel 10:55 AM 01-06-2011
I have read conflicting information about the number of children allowed in a licensed home daycare in the state of PA. Can anyone familiar with PA clarify for me?? If I have an infant and a preschooler of my own, how many others are allowed?
Blackcat31 11:17 AM 01-06-2011
Does this help?

3290.51. Maximum number of children.
The number of children in care may not exceed six children at any one time who are unrelated to the operator.

This section cited in 55 Pa. Code 3290.113 (relating to supervision of children).
3290.52. Ratio requirements.
The operator may provide care to no more than five related and unrelated infants and toddlers at any one
time. No more than two related and unrelated infants may receive care at any one time. The following
numbers of infants and toddlers are permitted in a family day care home:
(1) If no infants are in care, five toddlers are permitted.
(2) If one infant is in care, four toddlers are permitted.
(3) If two infants are in care, three toddlers are permitted.
Cross References
This section cited in 55 Pa. Code 3290.113 (relating to supervision of children).
Michael 04:47 PM 01-06-2011
Small FCC Homes
Number of Children Allowed - 46
Maximum Number/Ratio of Children to One Provider - 6
Provider's Own Children Counted - Yes, if infants and/or toddlers
Maximum Number of Infants and Toddlers Allowed to One Provider -
5 toddlers, if no infants;
4 toddlers, if 1 infant;
3 toddlers, if 2 infants

Large/Group FCC Homes
Number of Children Allowed - 712 (plus 3 SAC)
Ratio of Children to One Provider
Provider's Own Children Counted - Yes
gbel 07:29 AM 01-10-2011
Thank you for your help!
I am still a little confused because it says "no more than 6 unrelated". Does that mean if I have a 3/almost 4 yr. old daughter she doesn't count? Or does she count towards the 6? So could I take 5 others with a total of 6 or 6 others because she doesn't count?? Does this make sense??

Thank you for any further help!
Unregistered 06:04 PM 07-23-2011
I'm new here, and considering opening a home childcare center with a friend in PA. If we are 2 adults, how many children can we have?
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