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Shell's Lil' Angels 02:45 PM 10-26-2011
I'm in need of a review form specifically for a Family Child Care Assistant. My assistant is due for her first review next month. Is there anyone that might have ready to use review forms that they would be willing to share with me that they have found to be effective?
Sprouts 05:49 PM 10-26-2011
lol i posted almost the same post and didn't get any responses, so I searched and found this. attachment .. hope it helps!
Attached: assistant evaluation.pdf (20.5 KB) 
Shell's Lil' Angels 10:21 PM 10-26-2011
Thank you so much for the attachment. I will give it a better look tomorrow and see if it will meet my needs. I really appreciate your effort and support.
thecrazyisout 05:58 AM 10-27-2011
This is nice and all, but as a former HR person, I would suggest you also add some sort of goals and objectives for her to fill out and also have her fill to assessment out on herself. It allows her to communicate to you as well how she is feeling about the position and what goals she has in mind to to think about for the coming year........PM if you have any questions.
Shell's Lil' Angels 09:13 PM 10-29-2011
Thank you for your response!
Sprouts 07:13 PM 10-30-2011
I like that idea, i think i will send this form to my assistants and ask them to fill out on themselves and I will do one also and we can compare.

Do you have wording on what type of goals questions to ask?
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