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JeepGirl6 12:37 PM 08-17-2011
Anyone have any ideas? I thought about doing the sponge painting but scared to mess it up since I have never done it before. One of my daycare parents has a ocean theme in her childs bedroom. She painted the walls light blue and then sponge painted with dark blue over it to make the ocean and went and got fish stick ons from looks sooo cute!!! My one room is baby blue, the other is just white walls....I want to do something spontaneous but afriad it wont look right or even what I should do...

Can anyone tell me how their rooms look? or pictures? Thanks
daycare 01:46 PM 08-17-2011
i would google some images and pick one. Sponge painting is not really that hard and youtube has a lot of videos showing you how.

I have a fish theme, but I did it on white butcher paper which I covered the walls and then we painted on the master piece. I do it this way so when we change out theme each month we can take down the art on the walls.

this month I will be putting white butcher paper up and letting the kids trace each other onto the wall. Then allow them to decorate it based on what they think the look like. I hope that it is a of fun....
e.j. 05:49 AM 08-18-2011
Sponge painting is super easy. I've done it in a couple of rooms and they all came out great - even the first room I did. Before I worked on my first room, though, I took some poster board and tried the sponging technique on that first, just to make sure I got the hang of it. You might want to try that first to build up some confidence.
Auntie 06:04 AM 08-18-2011
I say just go for it. It is just paint worse case scenario you hate it prime over it and repaint the wall a solid color. have fun and just do it. Sponge painting I think is pretty forgiving. Do some practice sponging on paper first to the hang of it. Good luck.
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