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newtodaycare22 04:32 AM 08-22-2011
Honestly, for the past year I've never used them . My kids were 3-5 and generally careful with paints, and we use washable paints. Now I have two 2 year olds who are lightly more into the paint.

What type of apron/smock do you recommend? Discount school is having a sale and I'm looking to them. Long sleeve or short? Material? Thanks and happy Monday!
Kaddidle Care 04:36 AM 08-22-2011
We've had many different kids but these ones seem to hold up the best. The ones with the thinner straps get ripped easily.
countrymom 04:41 AM 08-22-2011
I have melissa and doug aprons, they wash really good. Some people use old shirts and turn them backwards.
KEG123 04:59 AM 08-22-2011
I made mine. Basically I just sewed up some simple aprons. If they had sleeves they'd probably be better, but they at least keep the paint off their main areas, the chest and torso.
sharlan 07:01 AM 08-22-2011
Being at home, I just let the littles take their shirts off if it's a messy project.
JaydensMommy 07:58 AM 08-22-2011
Ikea has very cute ones and reasonably priced.
Cat Herder 08:07 AM 08-22-2011
Any dollar store sells black long sleeved t-shirts in size 3-T and up that should work quite well over their clothing.

Grab a few of the black sweats pants, too, and you are set for a messy day without having a client to EVER ask you to pay for some article of clothing that gets lost or ruined...
snbauser 09:57 AM 08-22-2011
I just use plain white t-shirts. They are actually ones that my son wore but outgrew when he was going through a white undershirt phase. They are easy on/easy off and wash well.
Meeko 10:02 AM 08-22-2011
I use mens t-shirts that I get from the local thrift store. They cover them head to toes.
Sunshine44 10:18 AM 08-22-2011
Toys R Us, Crayola brand. $3.99 here. Works great, still have them after a year.
Pammie 10:21 AM 08-22-2011
I use the IKEA ones too - LOVE THEM!
I think they're actually bibs - they sell them in the same aisle.

They're long sleeve with ribbing at the wrist - velcro back closure - made of super lightweight nylon - but nothing seeps through. Best of all, they're about $2/each, and I'm still on my first set that I bought about 4 years ago
kendallina 03:05 PM 08-22-2011
I bought several short sleeve button down shirts that I put backwards on the children and just throw in the wash when they're dirty. I bought sizes a little larger than my group of 3-4 year olds. I LOVE them! I attached a bit of velcro at the top of them, so I can quickly velcro them instead of buttoning them. Obviously, these will protect their clothes from paint, but not from a water table or anything like that. They were only $1-2 each.
momofsix 11:43 AM 08-23-2011
When my kids get rid of their old t-shirts, the ok looking ones become paint shirts. I have never bought paint shirts!
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