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tinytotzdaycare 06:32 AM 11-13-2009
Although I have built my curriculum over the many years of my doing daycare I am always looking for fun projects. I have 3 years of curriculum that I rotate each year so that toddlers always do something new and 3 years last until they are off to pre-school.

One of my favorite activities is Marble Painting (kids love it too)
I contacted a local pizze company and they were nice enough to donate some new pizze boxes to me. Place a piece of construction paper or card stock in the box, add drops of paint in different colors, toss in a few marbles and SHAKE LIKE CRAZY!! Kids love the shaking and it makes great artwork!!

Ideas for painting: Go to the local $ Store and pick up the following items then let the kids paint with them. You may also ask parents if they have these items laying around. Parents love to help out!

cookie cutters
Ribbon (makes great squiggly marks)
plastic animals (make great animal prints)
matchbox cars(tire tracks)
Lids to old butter containers
Milk caps
plastic silverware
cuddlebuggz 09:37 AM 11-16-2009
Coffee Grounds are great for crafts! Cut out the chape of a bear and let the kids paint glue on with a paint brush and then sprinkle with coffee grounds!
Smells great on the fridge and its super cute!

Use the tops or bottoms of frozen juice containers to make holiday picture magnets, take the kiddos pics cut to fit the lid and add magnet strips onthe back! You can also let them add pom poms or other craft materials and make magnets as gifts.

Cover Cleaned canned food jars with crafts sticks, decorate and a perfect pen/pencil holder for gifts! ( be sure to open can properly and check for sharp edges!
Story books 01:51 AM 11-18-2009
Milk drinking mugs. This is a good idea. Children keep it as a memory.
tinytotzdaycare 05:39 PM 11-18-2009
Originally Posted by Story books:
Milk drinking mugs. This is a good idea. Children keep it as a memory.
love it!! Thanks for the idea.
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