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momma2girls 05:51 AM 01-08-2010
Let's share some easy crafts, science projects, etc.......
I think it would be neat to receive ideas for us all to use!!!!!
I love simple crafts and fun things for the children to do!!!!!

One that I just did yesterday was jello painting- take a pc. of cardstock paper, use glue- write your name or I heart u or anything you want then sprinkle jello over it and let dry overnight!!! Something simple and the children loved it!!!!!!!
SimpleMom 07:19 AM 01-08-2010
That does sound like fun!!

This one takes two parts, but the kids loved it. I had the kids paint a big piece of white paper. We mixed to primary colors to make a new one. After they were dry, I cut out the shape of a letter we were talking about. They picked out a piece of paper/color to glue the letters onto.
AfterSchoolMom 07:22 AM 01-08-2010
At halloween this year, I got a big roll of craft paper, then had each child lie down on the paper. I traced them out head to toe, then had them color and decorate their "Me's" with what they wanted to dress up as. I told them it didn't have to be what they were actually dressing up as, but that they could be anything at all. The kids loved it!
SimpleMom 11:40 AM 01-08-2010
I love the Lady bug idea! We're talking about the letter L in a couple of weeks and I had one other Ladybug project. This one would go GREAT with it Thanks.
mac60 12:08 PM 01-08-2010
We made a homemade bird suet cake, and a hanging bird feeder on Wednesday when school was cancelled.
momofboys 03:15 PM 01-08-2010
One easy science project we do involves milk, food coloring & dish soap.
Basically you put a small amount of milk (1/2 cup??) in a microwaveable clear bowl. Heat for 15-20 seconds, just enough to get the milk warm. You can do this for each child or if you only have 2-3 kids one will work but the kids after seeing it may want to do it on their own. After you heat the milk you add 2-3 drops of different food colors on the milk in various places. Don't stir it in; just place the drops on the milk. Dip the tip of a toothpick into liquid dish soap & place it in the center of the bowl. The colors will instantly gravitate toward the edges of the bowl. It's very cool to watch & is a quick & easy science project.
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